Odegaard Collaboration Pods

Last updated: December 8, 2022

Collaboration Pod

The Collaboration Pods facilitate in-person, interactive, small group projects or meetings. Utilizing Steelcase Media:Scape Mini 42” plasma screen, team members can easily and quickly display up to four (4) laptops on the shared screen. The collaboration pods are located throughout Odegaard library, and do not require a reservation for use.

Using the Collaboration Pods

The Collaboration Pods in Odegaard are walk-up systems and do not require a reservation.

Watch a video on YouTube about how Media:Scape works

Media:Scape PDF download – How it works

If you need help with the Collaboration Pods, or need to report a problem, please email help@uw.edu.


  • Features:
    • Steelcase Media:Scape Mini
    • LG 42″ LED HDTV