Zoom security updates & other features

This email was sent to all UW Zoom users.

Dear UW Zoom users,

With so many people turning to Zoom to work and teach and connect, it’s important to be able to secure your online meeting space. Read on to learn about steps you can take, as well as several other new features available in Zoom.

Secure your Zoom meeting and recordings

Learn the options available to secure your Zoom meeting and prevent unauthorized access to your online courses, meetings, and cloud recordings.

Zoom cloud recordings now available for one year

Previously, meeting recordings saved to the Zoom cloud were available for 90 days. Zoom cloud recordings are now available for one year before they are automatically deleted.

Zoom now available in Canvas

Zoom is now available in your Canvas course, making it easy to schedule meetings and online class sessions right from within Zoom. Look for Zoom in the Canvas course navigation and learn more in UW-IT’s Teaching Guide: Zoom app in Canvas.

Note: Users of HIPAA UW Zoom do not have access to the Zoom app in Canvas. Meeting hosts will receive an error message if they click on Zoom in the Canvas course navigation.

Zoom now available in Microsoft Teams

Zoom is now an option in your Microsoft Team. Schedule and share Zoom meetings, watch Zoom recordings, and quickly launch a Zoom meeting from Teams chat. Learn more about using Zoom in Microsoft Teams.

Expanded availability of Zoom

Zoom is now available for all current UW faculty, staff, and students at no charge. To activate your Zoom Pro account, sign in to UW Zoom with your personal UW NetID at https://washington.zoom.us. Learn more about eligibility for Zoom Pro.

Host up to 300 participants

You can now host up to 300 participants in your Zoom meetings. This is a free upgrade, and is included for all UW host accounts. No activation required.

Zoom live training

Learn about Zoom and ask specific questions from the Zoom experts in UW Learning Technologies. Register for the Introduction to Zoom and Teaching Technologies Office Hours.

As always, contact help@uw.edu with any questions about Zoom.

The UW Zoom Service Team