Zoom privacy concerns & recent changes to UW Zoom screen sharing, meeting notifications

This email was sent to all users who host meetings in UW Zoom.

Greetings, UW Zoom users.

We are writing to address recent concerns about privacy in Zoom and to reassure and educate UW Zoom users about how to use Zoom with confidence. This message contains information about:

  • New UW Zoom privacy FAQs
  • Changes to UW Zoom screen sharing
  • Changes to Zoom app in Canvas meeting notifications
  • Zoom login on iOS with Facebook

New UW Zoom privacy FAQs

The UW takes the privacy of those who use our online enterprise software very seriously. UW-IT and the UW Privacy Office have crafted an FAQ that describes how privacy and data are protected when using Zoom. Please consult the UW Zoom privacy FAQs to learn more.

UW Zoom screen sharing

Last week, based on feedback from the education community, Zoom changed the default settings for sharing a screen during a meeting. Zoom made this change as a security measure in response to reported incidents of unauthorized users gaining access to the meeting URL or ID, entering the meeting and sharing inappropriate content. In an effort to protect users, Zoom changed the default setting so that only meeting hosts could share their screen during a meeting. Unfortunately, Zoom did not communicate this change to users before making it.

You can change this default setting to again enable meeting participants to share their screens. To change meeting settings, you need to be signed into Zoom so that you are recognized as the meeting host.

Changing the default screen sharing settings should be coupled with additional meeting security settings. We strongly recommend that you enable the Waiting room and disable Join before host in your meeting settings.

Change default screen sharing settings

First, sign into the UW Zoom web portal at washington.zoom.us.

To change settings for all future meetings:

  1. After signing into Zoom, in the left sidebar, click Settings, then click In Meeting (Basic).
  2. Scroll down to the heading Screen Sharing.
  3. Under Who can share? select All participants.

All future meetings scheduled in this account will have the ability for everyone to share their screen unless you change the setting within an individual meeting.

To change settings for an individual meeting:

  1. In your Zoom meeting, at the bottom of the screen, to the right of the green Share button, click the up-arrow.
  2. On the menu that appears, click Advanced Sharing Options and then change Who can share to All participants.
  3. Close out of the Advanced Sharing Options. The new options will be updated.

You can change additional settings to further protect your Zoom meeting space.

Zoom app in Canvas meeting notifications

In response to requests from instructors, UW-IT has turned off meeting notifications in the Zoom app in Canvas. Previously, the Zoom app in Canvas would send meeting notifications via Canvas conversations every time a meeting was created, edited, or deleted. Students will no longer receive notifications when meetings are created, edited, or deleted. Please direct your students to check their Canvas calendar for UW Zoom meeting times, and review their Calendar notification settings.

Zoom login on iOS client with Facebook

Recently, the media has reported concerns about Zoom’s “Login with Facebook” feature. Zoom originally implemented the “Login with Facebook” feature using the Facebook SDK for iOS (Software Development Kit) in order to provide users with another convenient way to access the platform. However, Zoom was made aware on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, that the Facebook SDK was collecting device information unnecessary for providing the services. To prevent this, Zoom removed the Facebook SDK from their iOS client. Read Zoom’s statement about the Facebook SDK to learn how to update your iOS client.

Please contact help@uw.edu with questions.

The UW Zoom team