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UW-IT data center access

UW-IT data centers have a two-factor authentication system that uses both a badge and a PIN pad. The following information is intended for anyone that requires access to any of UW-IT’s data centers.

Why two-factor authentication?

Compliance standards and the findings of a recent audit require that UW-IT implement a two-factor authentication (TFA) as part of its physical security program and procedures for access to UW-IT data centers. The Data Center Strategy and Operations (DCSO) team decided to add PIN pad access control in conjunction with the already-implemented badge access at the 4545 and UW Tower data centers. Cameras also record all doors.

How to request data center access authentication badge and PIN

Access to data centers must be requested by an approved sponsor on the appropriate form, which can be found on the Access Control SharePoint site.  Speak with your manager to find your sponsor.

After completing the form, send it to Building Access Control at Sponsors can grant and deny access privileges, and may review access on a yearly basis.

After your form has been processed, Building Access Control will contact you directly to issue a badge and confirm your PIN number.

How to use your badge and PIN

Place your badge next to the badge reader and then input your 4-digit PIN.

Resetting, verifying or problems with your badge or PIN

Contact Building Access Control at 206-221-4545 or from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

After-hours emergency or access not working

Call 206-221-4545 and dial ‘0’.