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IT Standards

Information Technology standards set by UW Information Technology as permitted by APS 2.3  will be added to this space as they are developed.

Why UW-IT is developing IT standards

  • Aid in decision making by reducing the number of choices made in IT development and accelerate decision making where the answer is obvious.
  • Reduce complexity and technical debt by using one tool to solve the same problem rather than using and managing many tools.
  • Leverage investment that has already been made in both in technology and staff / training
  • Improve security and resiliency through managing one solution rather than many solutions.

How the IT Standards will be developed

Based on best practices

  • High level approaches to technology, applications, data, and business architecture
  • From experience in higher education, IT, and related industries

Community sourced

  • Developed by contributors at the UW
  • Grounded in existing practices and feasible goals
  • Facilitated by the EA team
Last reviewed December 23, 2021