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Reporting and Analytics

With the BI Portal and UW Profiles, users gain access to UW data through dozens of customizable reports and data visualizations. You can use these off-the-shelf tools to answer the most common questions with data from key subject areas including Student, Finance, HR/Payroll, and Research Administration.

You can also connect to and explore multi-dimensional data cubes. Unlike a report that displays data across 2 dimensions, a cube is a powerful data analysis tool that allows users to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions.

While you can browse the catalog of reporting and analytics tools with your UW netid, you need an ASTRA role and permission to access reports, visualizations, and cubes on the BI Portal or UW Profiles.

Connect to Data:

BI Portal

The feature-packed Business Intelligence (BI) Portal is your one-stop catalog, connecting you to UW’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) central reports and visualizations.

BI Portal

UW Profiles

UW Profiles is a set of Web-based dashboards designed to provide University decision-makers with a dynamic way to easily access, explore, and understand UW data.

UW Profiles

Knowledge Navigator

Knowledge Navigator is a web application that allows UW data users to search, find and understand the data and reports they use to do their work.

Knowledge Navigator

Request Access

Follow this link to get or update your permissions so you can begin exploring and understanding UW enterprise data.

Request Access

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