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Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a secure, central system of reference that integrates data from many sources across UW so faculty, staff, and students can make data-informed decisions. It stores current and historical data that are used to support operational reporting and strategic analysis.

The goal of the EDW is to support better, faster, data-informed decision making. Sometimes what you seek is available among the scores of off-the-shelf reports and analytics. But when it’s not, you can query the data directly in the EDW.

What happens in the Enterprise Data Warehouse? Data comes from many source systems around UW. In the Enterprise Data Warehouse, that data is organized, integrated and history is saved. We then partner with subject matter experts to produce tools for users of all skill levels.

Get access to the data

You need to be authorized via ASTRA with an EDW role to access EDW data. Follow this link to review or update your access.

Request Access

Understand the data

If you’re a query-writer, you know one of the biggest challenges to success is understanding the meaning of the data and how to apply the business rules to get the correct information. These resources can help you get started.

Knowledge Navigator

Data Models

Connect to the data

In order to query EDW data, you need to first connect to it using your UW NetID credentials. The process to connect to EDW data can vary depending on:

  • Your computer’s operating system
  • The type and version of your query tool
  • The network domain in which your computer resides

If you are unable to connect after following our recommended steps, please contact

Connect to the EDW

Query the data

No matter which query tool you use, you will be querying secured views rather than tables. Learn where to find the views and how to refer to them in your query.

Query Help

Find out more about the EDW

Got more questions about using the EDW? Our FAQ has answers!


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