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Many pre-built reports and analytics that use Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data are available to you. You’ll find a full catalog of offerings at UW’s Business Intelligence Portal. If you need to write ad hoc queries against EDW data, we recommend that you are an experienced query-writer and understand the impact your queries may have on other users and applications using EDW data. See the Connect to and Query Data page for information on recommended query tools and instructions on connecting to EDW data.

To request access to these reports, analytics, and data, please review the instructions below.

Determine the role you need

Review the Security Access and Roles Matrix to determine your appropriate role.

Request Access From your Unit Authorizer:

For any of the following roles DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Instead, you can contact your local ASTRA authorizer in your department or unit to request access. To find your local unit authorizer and request one of these roles use the Find My Authorizer Tool.

  • Administrator/Manager/Fiscal Tech
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Payroll Coordinator
  • Advisors/Academic Staff
  • Faculty/Principal Investigator

Request Access from the Data Custodians:

Alternatively, if you are requesting any of the following centrally authorized roles, please submit the form provided below:

  • Chancellor/Dean/Dean’s Analyst
  • Academic Analyst
  • Institutional Analyst
  • Student Aid Analyst
  • Student Fiscal Analyst
  • Payroll Analyst
  • Academic Personnel/HR Analyst
  • Auditor
  • EDW Administrator

If you need help determining which role is appropriate for your data needs, please email

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Access Role (required)

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Last reviewed October 26, 2020