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Learn the Basics

This section is intended for:

  • Recipients of eSignatures documents
  • eSignatures users (senders and admins) who have an eSignatures account. For information on how to to get an account please visit the eSignatures

Help Resources

Sending and Managing Envelopes

eSignatures makes it easy to send and manage documents (or envelopes) for electronic signatures.

How do I send a document?

How do I manage sent documents?

How do I correct documents I sent?

Managing Templates

How do I create and use templates?

How do I match a new template to a previously uploaded template?

Signing Documents

eSignatures makes it easy to for recipients to securely sign electronically.
How do I sign a document?

How do I change my signature?

How do I access a document that I previously signed?

Additionally, DocuSign has extensive help documentation and customer forums that you should use for additional guidance on DocuSign’s capabilities.