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Account Setup Guide

Once you have access to your DocuSign account and determined how your business will administer DocuSign, please follow this guide to ensure that you are ready to begin using DocuSign in your unit.

Electronic Records and Signatures Disclosure

Review the default electronic records and signatures disclosure to ensure covers your customers. Contact with questions.

Records Management Plan

Ensure you have a records management plan in place for documents you add to DocuSign. Contact with questions.

Understand how to use DocuSign

Review our curated DocuSign training so you feel comfortable administering DocuSign for your unit. We also recommend reviewing DocuSign’s support portal.

Train Users (Senders)

We encourage you to share our curated DocuSign training with your users. Additionally, point users to DocuSign’s extensive support portal.

Add Group(s)

In DocuSign, we recommend setting up groups to make sharing documents and templates easier.

Add Users (Senders)

Add the UW employees on your team who will be sending document on behalf of the University.