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Enterprise Document Management (EDM)

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is a business unit in UW-IT with the focus on serving the University as a whole to enable the usage and management of electronic documents. In alignment with the UW vision, EDM strives to provide modernized technology to support the creation and management of electronic documents.

The Enterprise Document Management service provides a platform that enables UW departments to:

  • Manage electronic content: Securely store, retrieve, and view electronic content.
  • Standardize metadata: Define consistent, searchable metadata to assist in managing documents.
  • Simplify Records Management processes: Automatically comply with UW Records Management policies by setting retention periods on documents. Easily search, identify, and hold records responsive to public records requests, litigation, and audit.
  • Scan paper documents: Digitize and store paper documents with high volume scanning.
  • Integrate through APIs: Public facing web services allowing the integration with business applications.
  • Retain electronically signed documents: Optional integration between the eSignatures service (powered by DocuSign) and the Enterprise Document Management service enables the seamless storage, retrieval and viewing of electronically signed documents.

To help your project succeed, the EDM program provides consultation, coordination of UW-IT resources, and support services. With every engagement, our goal is to empower you to continue to improve your processes independently.

Access to UW information systems or the processing of UW data comes with responsibility, and the UW wants to make sure you are aware of those responsibilities. Please refer to the UW Access and Use Agreement for UW Data and Information Systems (‘Agreement’), written to help raise employees’ awareness of their privacy and information security responsibilities, as articulated in University policies.

Last reviewed August 17, 2020