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Access Forms for Systems

Various application forms may be needed for general campus administrative users:

  1. The Administrative Systems Access Form  which provides access for the following systems:
    • BGT – Budget Systems
    • FIN – Financial Accounting Systems
    • PAS – Purchasing Systems  (PAS Entry and Update are transitioning to Ariba.)

Please read the instructions before applying.

  1. The Request for Access to the Student Database (SDB)
    • Seattle staff and faculty download this form and print it:
    • Bothell staff and faculty download this form and print it:
    • Tacoma staff and faculty download this form and print it:

These forms are available online, or from the UWITSC,, 206.221.5000.

Administrative Systems Access Form Instructions

The following includes more detailed information about the various fields on the Administrative Systems Access Form. Please read these before completing a request form.

These forms are available online. If you have questions, contact the UWITSC,, 206.221.5000.

Requesting User
The requesting user must be on the UW Payroll.

Department Contact/Sponsor
We keep a second person on record in case we need to contact someone regarding the account and the user is not available. Please provide the name of a person whom we may contact regarding access. This person should be:

  • on the UW Payroll,
  • different from the requesting user,
  • in the same department or discipline as the requesting user, and
  • preferably employed in a permanent position.

A UW NetID is your personal identifier for using UW online resources. For more information, please read About UW NetIDs.

Employee ID number
This is the nine-digit number given to you by the UW. If you have a new faculty/staff ID card, it should be printed on the front. Check with your payroll coordinator if you’re not sure what it is. (Note: this is not your Social Security number.)

Organization Code(s)
List the organization code(s) this usercode will access. If you are unfamiliar with the budget/organization code structure for your department or college, please contact your department administrator for assistance.

The form must be signed in ink by:

  • the requesting user,
  • the department sponsor/contact,
  • a department chair or administrator (if applicable), and the department dean or director.

Three distinct signatures are required to process applications. Except in unusual cases, forms with fewer than three may be delayed or rejected. College or departmental procedures may call for more rigorous approvals.

When requesting access to organization codes outside of your department, the chair, dean, or director who is responsible for those organization codes must also sign the form.

Online Systems Requested
Read the Overview of the Online Administrative Systems for general information.