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Administrative systems

A variety of online administrative systems provide campus staff with up-to-date financial, budget, payroll and student information, as well as the ability to perform administrative functions like online document signing.

Administrative systems accessed using Keynes

Keynes can be used to access a variety of administrative systems at the UW, including financial and budgeting systems including management state and grant budgets, student systems and the student database, and purchasing systems.

Systems accessed using ASTRA access management

ASTRA is an access management service that stores authorization information about who can use a variety of UW administrative applications and other resources, including financial, research, student, and business applications.

Other administrative systems

The administrative systems below can help facilitate business and academic administration at the UW.


The eSignatures service allows users to upload and send documents for electronic signatures, signers to receive and sign electronic documents quickly, securely and flexibly, and administrators to manage documents, check document status, and send reminders

Applications for student support

A variety of applications and databases provide support and information to support students, and business systems for staff and the wider UW community.

Learn more about applications for student support

Rome billing management

The Rome system manages billing for long distance services and for technology services and equipment.

How to access Rome billing management

Training for administrative systems

Training for administrative systems is frequently provided either within the system, or in separate online documentation. Links to training for many systems can be found on the training for administrative systems page.

Last reviewed June 17, 2020