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Signing on to

Conventions Used for Commands in This Document

Type the information being requested. This is italic, e.g. Usercode.Type the command exactly. This is bold, e.g. HEPPS.For each administrative system screen you display, you must first fill in the information requested and then press the key on your keyboard that sends the information. In this document, we refer to this operation as “press <Enter>.” On most computers, <Enter> is the large “Enter” key on the 10-key pad.Press the key that performs that function on your keyboard. Most keyboards have a key that takes the cursor to the Home position (the upper left corner of the screen). On many Macintosh keyboards, the <Clear> key acts as the <Home> key.

The UW Technology Sign-On Screen appears after you make a connection to keynes.

  • Type Usercode
  • Press <Tab> or <Return> to move to the Password field
  • Type password. (You will not be able to see the characters you are typing.)
  • Press <Enter>.

Administrative Systems

Tips, Tricks, and Messages for Keynes

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Clients who have access to Administrative Systems must have a Duo 2FA device. After logging in with your Keynes account and password you will be asked to authenticate with your Duo device.

The UW Technology Main Menu is displayed, unless this is the first time you have signed on with this Usercode, or if it has been 60 days since you last changed your password. In that case, the Password Change Screen is displayed.

Limits to access

  • Usercodes with access to financial, purchasing, and payroll data are linked to a 10-digit departmental organization code. This allows you to access the budgets for just that department or organization. If you need to access more than one organization’s data, you are issued additional Usercodes, which you access by entering the “Switch” command on the main menu.
  • Usercodes with access to Student Systems are linked to a security mechanism that restricts access to specific colleges and major codes.

Common Problems Logging on

Message reading The password you have entered is invalid.

  • Double-check your password. Keynes passwords are not case-sensitive
  • Call 206.221.5000 to have someone in the UW Technology Service Center reset your password


  • Usercodes can be suspended for many reasons ranging from lack of use to security concerns
  • If you have questions or problems, call the UW Technology Service Center staff at 206.221.5000

Message reading Usercode may not be used for logon.

  • The usercode you have entered is a “secondary” or “Switch” usercode
  • Log on using your primary usercode
  • If you have questions or problems, call the UW Technology Service Center staff at 206.221.5000

Doesn’t accept password, but no error messages and the cursor moves back up to usercode field.

  • Make sure you’re pressing the Send/Enter key on the number pad
  • Your cap lock is off and number lock is on
  • Try to use Control-J until you have downloaded the software
  • If you still have questions or problems call the UW Technology Service Center staff at 206 221.5000