August 29, 2018

Wi-Fi use surges at UW with growth in connected devices

Infographic of the increase in the number of devices connecting to UW network per day. In 2012 there were 47.9K, in 2018, there were 151.7K, and in 2021 there were 490K unique devices connecting to the UW network per day. There are 19 million connections per week, and since 2012, the usage of Wi-Fi data has increased 20 times. There are 12 thousand access points and there will be an estimated 25K by 2021. There are 3.5 million minutes of Wi-Fi calling per week.

To keep pace with rising demand and an escalating number of devices connecting to Wi-Fi at the UW, UW-IT has undertaken a multi-year effort to upgrade the UW’s Wi-Fi network at all of its facilities and campuses — with the goal of a seamless indoor/outdoor experience.