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Downloading Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software

Software Overview

Important Notes

Web Browser Warning

The use of a web browser in downloading any of the following disc images is not recommended, and may result in corrupt or truncated images. A dedicated command-line download tool such as curl or wget will be much more reliable.

Checksum matching

In some cases, disc images which match their md5 checksums may fail the Red Hat Installer’s built-in verification step. This is troublesome, but so far I have not experienced a disc which passed the md5 check and failed the built-in verification actually failing during an installation.


In the retail market, the flavors of RHEL are distinguished by price, features and support options available. See Red Hat’s marketing site for more details. With our academic subscription, no support is available from Red Hat, so the distinction is mainly in whether server software is included and in what types of hardware are supported.


WS is the workstation flavor of RHEL. It’s limited to single or dual-CPU systems, and doesn’t include some server software in the managed updates. (Server software can, of course, be compiled and run on WS. It just won’t be managed by the RHN update process.)


AS is the enterprise server flavor of RHEL. It is available for all the supported CPU types, and is not limited with respect to number of CPUs or amount of RAM. It includes everything available in WS.


Using curl or wget

The use of a downloading tool which can resume interrupted transfers is highly recommended when downloading files of this size. Sample command lines for curl and wget are provided here for your convenience:

curl -C - -O http://long.url/goes/here.iso

wget -c http://long.url/goes/here.iso

Source RPMs

The SRPM discs are not available for download here. You can download all of the source RPMs directly from Red Hat, though:

The most recent sources will be in the “updates” directory.

Other Discs

If you need discs which are not available from this page (source discs, for example), please contact

Download Software

Read and agree to the terms and conditions on the following page to be able to download the software