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Microsoft Campus Agreement FAQ

How do I get the software that’s covered by the Technology Recharge Fee?
See download details.
How do I activate Windows or Office?
Generally, systems used on campus should activate and maintain that activation automatically; there is no need to enter any “activation code”. If using a UW-owned system primarily off campus, please consult with your local computing support team for appropriate activation instructions.
Can faculty and staff get Microsoft Office for use on a personal (home) computer and mobile device under this agreement?
Yes. Microsoft Office is available for FREE through the Office 365 Pro Plus program.
Can I use an older version?
Yes, the MCA includes “downgrade” rights which you may use to license an older version of the software. The agreement covers the right to use the software only. Media or documentation for old versions may not be available.
Are student labs covered?
The agreement covers ALL computers owned by the University of Washington.
Can we extend the Campus Agreement to the students in our department?
Students working on computers owned by the University of Washington would have those systems covered by the agreement; there is no need for any extension. A separate student license agreement covers use by individual students on equipment they own. See details.
Last reviewed December 7, 2018