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Export My Alpine Contacts

Alpine Contacts Export is a utility that will export your individual contacts (not groups or lists) to a file that you may then import in other programs.
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Please be patient – this process takes about 25 seconds.

More about the utility

The Alpine Contacts Export utility works (only) on the file which stores the “Contacts” you have set up in Web Alpine. That is the same file used by Alpine on Homer for its Address Book.

This utility will:

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  2. Convert Contacts entries (not groups/lists) from your default Contacts (remote_addrbook) into a file (abook.csv) containing a comma-separated list of your Contacts with Nickname, Name, and E-mail Address information.  It does not include any Notes information from Contact entries.
  3. Send an email to your UW email address with the “abook.csv” file as an attachment.

Additional information

  • This utility will not erase or alter your current Contacts.
  • Groups/lists will not be converted. Only existing entries outside of lists will be converted.
  • The exported Contacts “abook.csv” file does not contain any Notes information from Contact entries.
  • The utility works only on the default Contacts file, which is named “remote_addrbook.” If you have configured Alpine to use multiple address books or have change the file name, this utility will not export your data.
  • This is a “one way” utility. We do not have a utility to import contacts into Alpine.