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Install UW OneDrive for Business

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Accessing UW OneDrive for Business

You can access UW OneDrive for Business using a Web browser and OneDrive for Business applications. The OneDrive for Business applications allow you to synchronize Microsoft Office files on your local drive or mobile device with your UW OneDrive for Business document library. This feature is not available without the OneDrive for Business application installed on your device.

UW OneDrive for Business Account Name and Password

The format of your UW OneDrive for Business account name is: (where your-UWNetID is replaced with your own personal UW NetID)
Your password is the one associated with your UW NetID.

Using OneDrive for Business for the First Time

The first time you access UW OneDrive for Business you might get a message that UW OneDrive for Business is almost ready.
This message indicates that although your account has already been enabled, it is still being activated. During activation, you will see the message: “We’re almost ready.” This one-time activation usually happens within a day but may take longer. You can close your browser, do other work, and return later without interrupting the activation process.

Web Browser

You can access your UW OneDrive for Business account via your Web browser by using the UW Office 365 URL.

To log in:

  • Open the UW Office 365 page. You might be redirected to the standard UW web login page (enter your UW NetID and password). If you have already supplied your UW NetID credentials in the current browser session, you might not need to log in again. For more information on the login sequence, see the FAQ. The first time you access UW SkyDrive Pro, you might experience a one-time delay. See Account Activation on First Access. After login, the Newsfeed page appears.
  • From the top menu bar, click OneDrive. Your UW OneDrive for Business document library is displayed.

Note: You can bookmark the UW Office 365 link page in your browser for easy access later.

Sync Software for OneDrive for Business

Sync client software is available to help you to automatically download and upload files from OneDrive to your PC, Mac or Mobile device: OneDrive for Business Applications. However, UW support for this software is very limited, as it is still under rapid development by Microsoft. To install and use OneDrive for Business Applications on your devices, follow instructions on Microsoft’s website.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

UW OneDrive for Business is subject to University appropriate use guidelines and electronic records policies. For more information, see Usage Policies and Guidelines for Cloud Services.

UW Medicine Users: Before using UW OneDrive for Business for patient data, please see the UW Medicine guidance at Being Secure in the Cloud.

More Information on UW OneDrive for Business

Information from Microsoft

  • Microsoft provides extensive online help for OneDrive for Business. When using OneDrive for Business, click the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window to access Microsoft help.

Other useful information from Microsoft: