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Managing Your billing information

This should help you review and edit the information used to bill for your Managed Workstation resources.  There are three steps:

  1. Review your expected charges
  2. Update your department information
  3. Update budget information

Please also see MWS eligibility groups.

Review your expected charges

If you don’t see the right data, email us with your department name and your desired department role.

Desktops assigned to your department

  1. Review “Desktops on My Budgets” at
  2. To remove desktops or change department assignments, email specifics to

Users in your department’s eligibility group

Membership determines which Nebula home directories are associated with your department.

  1. Review ‘Users in My Departments’ at
  2. If there is incorrect information, update your eligibility group:
    1. Find the name of the eligibility group for your department: then click on dept name and look at User Eligibility Group.
    2. View/change members: write down your eligibility group name and go to:

Assigned shared file service paths

This is the I:\groups\xx or Windows file service path(s) assigned to your department.

  1. Review ‘file services’ report at, where the value in the Group Directories’ Directory Name column is the i:\groups folder.
  2. If there are missing or additional paths, email with details.
  3. If there are home directories you do not want, adjust your eligibility group membership.
  4. If you do not want to remove a user from your eligibility group, but also don’t want that user to have a Nebula home directory, email details to

Update department information

Review Department information at — click on each dept name to edit:

  1. Contact info/dept roles:
    1. Owner
    2. Billing contact (different from budget contact!)
    3. Technical contact(s)
  2. Eligibility group (“User Eligibility Group”)
  3. Default budget for computer charges (applied to new computers)
  4. Default budget for consulting charges (applied to new users)

Update budget information

Anyone with a Dept role can make budget changes for budgets for which they are a budget contact.

  1. Default budgets should be set up for a department’s Computers, Users (home dirs and consulting hours) and File Services (I: drive).  Even after setting a default budget, you can make budget changes to individual Users and Computers.
    1. Computers and Users:  MWS Things I Own/Manage >> Departments at and click on a department name, then edit the Default Computer Budget and Default User Budget.
    2. File Services:  Go to MWS Things I Own/Manage >> File Services at  and edit each of the I:\group folders associated with your department(s).
    3. Users consulting hours:  Go to Nebula Things >> Consulting Hours at and edit the budget for each user in your department(s).
  2. Individual budget changes:
    1.  Computers: MWS Things I Own/Manage >> Desktops on My Budgets at
    2. User H: drives:  MWS Things I Own/Manage >> File Services at
    3. User consulting: MWS Things I Own/Manage>> Consulting Hours at