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Microsoft Office

Installing Office

What to know prior to installation:

  • These components are not preserved:
    1. Custom macros. To save: use Tools – Macros – Edit, then copy all text into a text file so you can re-create your macros later.
    2. Currently configured Quick Access toolbar changes.
    3. Icons on your desktop or toolbar shortcuts. You will need to re-create your desktop or toolbar shortcuts if upgrading to a newer version of Office
  • A full suite of training aids is available as well as interactive guides showing where menu and toolbar commands are. 

How to install Office:

  1. Close all Office applications including Outlook.
  2. Open Software Center, click on Office Professional Plus, then click “Install”
  3. The installation should take 15-25 minutes to install. When it is finished installing the “Install” button will change to “Uninstall”