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What’s the difference between the ‘H drive’ and the ‘U drive’?

The UW-IT U: Drive and the MWS H: drive both have very similar uses and functions, and in fact, under the covers, the same technologies are used. However there are some important differences which are highlighted in the table below.

The service catalog pages for these items can be found:

Also, the reader may want to reference the comprehensive UW File services comparison for Nebula customers document, which includes some of this same information, but with many other file services in scope.

Offer Unix file storage, via a mapped driver letter in Windows or a Connected Server location in Mac OS X (tick) (tick)
Backed up daily with a self-service file restore functionality (tick) (tick)
Secured access; only the owner can view files (tick) (tick)
Direct network connection available only on the UW network (tick) (tick)
Off-campus connection availability via SCP, SFTP, Kerberos FTP, VPN via SFTP or VPN
Automatically mapped when logging into a Nebula computer with your NETID credentials (tick) (tick)
Not appropriate for storing confidential information (HIPAA, FERPA, PIA) (tick) (tick)
Amount free before $0.35/GB/mo kicks in (which requires budget number) none 30GB
Availability: UW staff, faculty, students and researchers (tick) (tick)
Availability: supplemental and department accounts (tick)
Activation: students auto w/MWS account auto
Activation: faculty, staff auto w/MWS account via Manage My UW NetID page

Note: H: activation is automatic in FY15. In FY16, activation will require two things:

  1. Membership in a department’s group of eligible MWS users
  2. Activation via the ‘Manage My UW NetID’ page. This step will only be required for those who don’t already have an H: drive.