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UW Groups and Managed Workstations

Groups in the UW Groups service are used to define eligibility for Managed Workstation services and control access to Nebula File service directories. The Managed Workstation service used to provide group management but no longer does.

The UW Groups service has excellent documentation and we recommend you read it. However, for the intersection of Managed Workstation and the Groups service, we have some recommendations which we’ve captured here.

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How do I set up a UW Home Group for my department?

You may already have one!

Check this list of UW Home Groups  (where any uw_unitname group is called a “stem”) to see if there’s an existing stem that closely matches where your department “lives” in the UW community. Click any + signs to show the multiple groups which begin with the same stem.  Did you find something that makes sense?

  • If yes: Congratulations! You can go directly to the task you needed a home group for, likely creating a new group.
  • If no: you have two options:
    1. You can use the Groups Service documentation on this topic to help yourself.
    2. We can assist you at consulting rates. We will help you:
      • choose a suitable uw_unitname “stem” where unitname is likely to be your Managed Workstation department name
      • Send in a request on your behalf to the Groups Service for that Home Group “stem”
      • Help you create and configure a group to be administrators your Groups Service groups
      • If needed, help you create a group to be member managers of your Groups Service groups

How do I set up the eligibility group for my department?

For those who didn’t create an eligibility groups when we asked for one, we created a temporary eligibility group for you based on historical data. When you are ready to manage your membership, we will transfer ownership of that group to you.

Most common cases:

  1. I have a UW group that contains all my users.
  2. I have multiple UW groups; together they contain my users.
  3. I don’t have any groups.

I have a UW group that contains all my users.

Go to How do I change the eligibility group for my department?” to enter your eligibility group.

I have multiple UW groups; together they contain all my users.

  1. Create your eligibility group:
    1. In the UW Groups list, find your stem uw_yourunitname and click on it to open the General Information window.
    2. Use the Groups Service documentation for Creating a Group. We suggest you use this information:
      1. Group id: backspace over what is in there and replace it with:  uw_yourunitname_nebula-eligibleusers
      2. Contact person: (your UW NetID)
      3. Membership dependency group: uw_employee
        When a person separates from the University, they are removed from your group as well. Note: your group cannot have shared accounts in it, if it needs to, ask us for help. 
      4. Members:  enter the names of your multiple UW Groups.
      5. Administrators: (a UW group that contains the UW NetIDs of the people who can manage this group; if you don’t have one yet, add your netid for now and then fix this as soon as possible by creating a group of administrators for your groups)
  2. Go to How do I change the eligibility group for my department?” to enter your eligibility group.

I don’t have any groups.

You will need a UW Home Group.

Setting up an administrator group

Follow the same instructions as for setting up your eligibility group, just name it differently.  Then edit your UW Home Group and add this group into the Administrator’s group and remove yourself. Do this even if you are the only contact!