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Medium Level Effort

Here are some of the ways one could modify a MWS workstation or its usage to lower risk; these require a medium level of effort:

  1. Use Windows 7 or Windows 10; they provide better default security (Window 8.1 will be retired soon).
  2. If your system has a virus infection, have your system rebuilt instead of trying to “clean” it.  It is very difficult to completely remove a virus from a system short of a rebuild.
  3. Enable BitLocker on all your computers (desktops and laptops). BitLocker encrypts the contents of the hard drive when the computer is off.
  4. Disable “File and Printer Sharing” to close open ports on your computer; you can still save and print.
  5. Enable auto-updating in applications wherever available (Acrobat, Reader, Java).
  6. Move your workstation to the private “p172″ network, which is not directly accessible from off-campus.
  7. Do not use USB keys or thumb drives if you can avoid it.  If you can’t, make sure they are encrypted and that your antivirus software will always scan them.
  8. Disable local accounts.