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Shared UW NetID Exchange mailbox

Shared UW NetID Exchange mailboxes provide a solution for some organizational calendaring and email needs.

Shared UW NetIDs are not automatically eligible for an Exchange mailbox. Any UW employee can provision a Shared UW NetID to make them eligible for an Exchange mailbox. Additionally, you’ll need one or more people to have access to the shared mailbox. Finally, you’ll want to get access to the shared mailbox. This page takes you through all those steps.

Prerequisite: Getting a Shared UW NetID

Any employee can request a Shared UW NetID. Having a Shared UW NetID is a pre-requisite for getting a Shared UW NetID Exchange mailbox.

Provision your Shared UW NetID for Exchange

  1. Provision an Exchange mailbox for the Shared UW NetID: follow the instructions here. After you have a mailbox provisioned, you’ll need to do the following steps to make it functional for use by a set of people.
  2. Create or identify a UW group which is setup to be Exchange-enabled.  Both the group-name and group-ID should be identical. 
  3. Submit a request to identifying that you’d like Managed Workstation to submit a request to grant access to the group from #1 “Full Access” and “Send As” permissions to the shared NetID Exchange mailbox (be sure to tell us the name of the Shared UW NetID). By default, mail sent from the Shared Exchange mailbox will be saved in the individual user’s Sent folder–if you’d like it to be saved in the Shared Exchange mailbox’s Sent folder, please let us know.
  4. After access has been granted, the group membership can be controlled by the group administrator or member manager, to reflect the UW NetIDs of those people who need access to the shared Exchange mailbox.
  5. Finally, each user can add the shared Exchange mailbox in Outlook via the ‘Open Additional Mailboxes’ option under Advanced Mailbox settings. Managed Workstation would be happy to assist users with this step, if needed.
Last reviewed August 20, 2018