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Endorsed UW NetID Exchange mailbox

Endorsed UW NetID Mailboxes provide a solution for some organizational calendaring and email needs.

This page describes the process for requesting a Shared UW NetID Exchange mailbox.

Getting a Shared Account

Any employee can request a Shared Account .

Provision your Shared UW NetID for Exchange

Shared UW NetIDs are not automatically eligible for an Exchange mailbox. Any UW employee can provision a Shared UW NetID to make them eligible for an Exchange mailbox. To do so, follow the instructions here.

After the Shared NetID has been provisioned for Exchange a second shared NetID group should be created to give access to the shared Exchange Mailbox by following these steps:

  1. A UW group is created and is setup to be “exchange-enabled”.  Both the group-name and group-ID must be identical. 
  2. Submit a request to requesting that MWS acting as a departmental OESG send a request to MSCA engineering to grant the previously created group “Full Access” and “Send As” permissions to the shared NetID Exchange mailbox.  Additionally administrators can request that sent mail be saved either in the Shared Exchange mailbox Sent folder or in the individual user Sent folder
  3. After access has been granted to the group the group administrator or member manager can add NetIDs of those additional users who need access to the shared Exchange mailbox to the list of members of that group.