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Getting an Exchange mailbox & calendar

Each employee or student with a personal UW NetID is eligible for an Exchange mailbox & calendar. Each individual can choose their own email mailbox technology.  The following information is available to assist in making this decision.

Which UW email service should you use

There are a variety of situations in which your organization may need an Exchange mailbox or calendar that is not a personal UW NetID.

The 2 primary types and some examples of their usage are listed below:

Mailbox Type Usage Examples
Exchange Resource Calendar
  • For a meeting room or equipment reservation tracking
  • Shared schedule tracking across a set of individuals, such as vacation tracking
Shared UW NetID Mailbox
  • As an official communication presence for a department
  • As a shared mailbox for email requests & inquiries
  • To facilitate management of other Exchange mailboxes/calendars

Managed Workstation can assist you with these common use cases, on a cost-recovery basis for our time¹. We have experience with these scenarios and the technical details behind them, so we can minimize the effort required to get them setup². 

For more details on these common use cases and how to proceed, please follow the links above.


¹ We charge cost-recovery hourly rates for our time spent.

² We can assist with these tasks because the Microsoft Collaborative Applications (MSCA) service which provides UW Exchange recognizes MWS as a support organization. For these tasks, there is a do-it-yourself alternative–you can ask MSCA to become your own support org, and do these technical tasks yourself.