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Other IT services and help

The Managed Workstation service provides networked personal computers that are centrally managed.

The service design provides a workstation in a known state with a number of mechanisms to keep it updated, functioning, and useful. But the design also allows the customer to change that state, possibly introducing things that lead to a workstation that is broken in some way. The customer can use the workstation with many other services, but the Managed Workstation service does not provide or support those other services.

By design, the Managed Workstation service rate includes a very minimal amount of user support. Almost all user support is charged at our consulting rate, so that when you have a need for support, only you pay. We detail the boundaries for that here.

There are many other IT services available, and we can help you with them. If we provide more than basic assistance leveraging published documentation using less than a few minutes of time, then we do charge our consulting rate. In many cases, those other IT services have their own support which does not cost anything. We should make it clear when you have a non-billable option and give you a choice. If you do want to take the free option, we’ll happily route your request to the right service team. One benefit of paying us is that sometimes we can help you resolve your issue more quickly, but it is important to us that you know that you have a choice.

Under this page, you’ll find documentation we’ve written about IT services that we don’t provide. In some cases, there is no service that provides these. In other cases, customers have asked us to write documentation that the service team doesn’t provide.