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20170818 – Managed Workstation FY18 rates

The preliminary FY18 rates for Managed Workstation services are now available. The annual rate change for UW-IT services was postponed this year to be effective 9/1/2017. Management Accounting & Analysis (MAA) provides final approval of rates for all cost-recovery centers at the UW, and these preliminary rates are still pending their approval.

All rates associated with the Managed Workstation service are documented at:


The new FY18 rates are:

  • Managed Workstation rate: $30.00/workstation/month
  • Managed Workstation file storage: $.25/GB/month
  • Consulting Services: $104.43/hour
  • Managed Workstation training room: $60/hour


In conjunction with these rate changes, there are some changes to the services provided. These changes include:

  • Managed Workstation training room use is a separate rate, not included in the Managed Workstation rate. This change was mandated by University practices to ensure fair access and use.
  • There is a single file service rate, regardless of the underlying platform used.
  • Support assistance for MWS file services is now included in that rate.
  • There are a few previously defined consulting activities that we will now provide as part of the Managed Workstation rate. Notable examples include:
    • 1 hour of complimentary business needs IT consulting per year per customer account
    • 1 hour of complimentary computer hardware recommendation consulting per year per customer account
    • OS imaging for compromised managed workstation

Requests for the complimentary consulting will result in an in-person visit to discuss your needs.

More details about these changes are available at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dawn Cullerton or myself via with a subject line of “FY18 MWS rate questions”.

Brian Arkills
Managed Workstation service owner