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20170619 – Workstation migration update

Approximately 2200 managed workstations, or about 66%, have been migrated. Every non-migrated managed workstation has been a candidate for nightly migration and has been attempted at least 3 times. At any given point only 75% of managed workstations are manageable over the network, so customers will need to work with us for further progress to occur.

If you have questions about the workstation migration, a FAQ is available and updated regularly.

There were a number of problems over the last 3 weeks, some with our workstation migration approach, others related to unanticipated file service issues. We’re sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. We’ve worked hard to address these issues and adjust our approach.

We’d love to provide a self-service option for workstation migration, but the technical details make it extremely unlikely to lead to a positive experience.

What’s Next:

During the Workday go-live period, June 16th – 30th, we will not initiate any mass migrations of non-migrated workstations. However, our offer to schedule noon migrations on a given date for any non-migrated workstation still stands during that period.

We encourage customers to send us a migration request via with “MWS Migration” in the subject line so we can migrate your managed workstation during that period. Department contacts will get a list of non-migrated workstations in their department via an email later today.

After June 30, we’ll go back to attempting to migrate all remaining non-migrated workstations each night. Beginning the week of July 3, we will begin to contact customers with an non-migrated workstation to facilitate migration.

Unmigrated computers left in late July will largely be those which are not regularly on the UW network. Computers in this state are not a good candidate for the Managed Workstation service, as they receive very little of the regular value we provide. We’d like to better understand that choice and whether there is a better option needed, so we invite customers who find themselves in that situation to have a dialog with us. Feel free to send an email to, or start a dialog on