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20170515: Computer renames happening 5/17

A notification like the following one was sent to the primary user, last user, and department contacts for the ~380 computers with a name that included an underscore character (_).


You are listed as a contact for the Managed Workstation (Nebula) department MAA.

The computers listed below all have the underscore character (“_”) in their name, which is no longer permitted in the name of Managed Workstation computers. This Wednesday, May 17, at 5pm we will be automatically renaming these computers to remove the underscore character from the computer’s name. In most cases, the process will simply remove the underscore and everything to the right of it (i.e. TK421_SW would become TK421). In some cases, we may have to change the name more significantly. The process will, unfortunately, require a reboot.

NetbiosName primaryUser Last User LogonTime
00542xx732_POT xxxxxxxx NETID\yyyy 5/9/2017 11:46:23 AM
SxxET2_POT xxxxxxx NETID\yyyy 5/14/2017 3:41:04 PM

Once completed, we will send you an updated list that includes the new name for each computer. If the process fails for some reason, such as the computer being turned off, we will be following up on these on Thursday.

Where we have it, we will be notifying the primary user of each computer about this work later today.

We apologize for the short notice on this work, but we have to get it done before we can star migrating computers to the NETID domain next week. A separate notice about that work will be going out later this morning.

Please contact us immediately if you have any questions.

Managed Workstation Service E: | V: 206.221.5000