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20170413: Improving ways to request help

I’m writing today to let folks know we’ve spent time improving the ways you can request help from the Managed Workstation service.


There’s a new documentation page at:


On that new page, we:

  • re-iterate the expectations you can have around requests (already documented in our service catalog page),
  • link to the guidelines about what is considered consulting at additional cost and clearly state what you can expect about our practices related to consulting charges, and
  • have links to forms for common requests.


The forms are entirely new, with five in this initial release and more planned. The forms fill a couple gaps:

  • They help to inform you about common requests you can make
  • They help both you and us to more quickly get common requests fulfilled by collecting the minimum information necessary for that type of request


We’ve put in placeholders for other forms we have planned, to give you an idea of forms we know we need to create. There are a couple other forms imagined, for example for common Exchange related requests.


Here’s an overview of the new forms:

  • New computer order consultation request. When you need new computers, there are a variety of activities required to make that a reality—choosing the computer model, ordering, imaging and setup, and possibly custom configuration. We can help with one or all of those activities, and this form makes it easy to get that help.
  • Image install request. You may only want assistance getting a computer imaged and setup, whether it is new or an existing managed workstation that needs a clean refresh. This form is for that.
  • Application package request. All managed workstations have the ability to use the Software Center to install applications which have been packaged. You are strongly encouraged to request that we package up any business critical software you need, instead of installing it yourself. This makes it easy to reinstall in the future, and possibly available to others. This will save you time and insulate you against future rebuilds. Doing this saves the UW money. This form allows you to request that we create your application package.
  • New image request. Managed Workstation provides a standard image which currently includes Windows 10, Office 2016, Chrome, Firefox, UW fonts, and a link to install Acrobat Reader (documentation on our standard image is coming). But you may have a need for an image which differs from this—maybe to save time in deploying, or because you have a use case which differs. This form allows you to request that we create that other image you need and make it available in one or more of the ways we currently provide our standard image.
  • MWS training room request. We provide a room of 19 computers, a large screen/projector, and other amenities useful for training a small group using computers. This form allows you to request that facility. Note: we have some pending changes in how this resource is managed, which we’ll share in a separate communication in a couple months.


It’s our hope that these improvements make it easier to leverage the assistance we can provide, and please let us know if you have additional ideas. We’ll continue to work on the forms we’ve outlined, and share when there is another set ready.


Brian Arkills

Managed Workstation service owner