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20170131 Windows 10 upgrades coming next week

We will start upgrading all computers running Windows 10 to the latest version, 1607 – also known as Anniversary Edition, starting next week (2/6/2017).

What and when

As we recently announced, all computers running Windows 10 will be upgraded to version 1607, which is also known as the Anniversary Edition. This upgrade is mandatory as Microsoft will stop supporting versions of Windows 10 older than 1607 in March.

The upgrade will be done automatically in the evenings, requires no user interaction, and will not impact any user settings or files. We will start the process on 2/6/2017, and upgrade 50-100 computers each night. Each computer will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

While we cannot provide a specific date of when any given computer will be upgraded, individual users can choose to start the process any time using the ‘Software Center’ or via the shortcut on their desktop..

We will also be sending a separate notice to the primary user of each computer

What you need to do

This message is for your info only; there is no action required.

If you have any questions or concerns, send an email to and in the subject line reference ‘MWS – Upgrades coming to Windows 10 computers’.