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20161114: Nebula2 Account Disables

We will begin disabling all remaining NEBULA2 user accounts the week of 11/28.

What and when:

The week of 11/28, we will begin disabling the remaining 221 NEBULA2 accounts that are still in use.

What you need to do:

If you are still using your NEBULA2 user account, you need to migrate to your NETID account.  See for information on how to do so.

More info:

For the last few years we have been encouraging users to use their NETID accounts rather than their NEBULA2 accounts as part of a migration of Managed Workstations services to use the NETID domain. This past April, we announced that we would be decommissioning the NEBULA2 domain on April 3, 2017 and would be working to get all users switched to using their NETID accounts. For reference, the announcement and additional info is also posted at

While most users are already using only their NETID account, not all users have made the switch.  To complete the user account migration, we will be disabling the remaining NEBULA2 user accounts starting the week of 11/28, and will be retiring the process that allowed users to keep their NEBULA2 account enabled.  We will be sending a message, later today, to department contacts with a list of users still using their NEBULA2 account.  The week of 11/28, we will send an email to those users still using their NEBULA2 account advising them that we will soon disable their NEBULA2 account, and asking them to let us know if they need assistance in migrating to their NETID account. The first 30 minutes of such assistance is available at no cost.