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20160517 Disabling Nebula2 user accounts

We have begun disabling unused NEBULA2 user accounts.


This does not relate to eligibility groups, nor will it result in the loss of any Nebula services – it is only about whether your NEBULA2 user account is enabled or disabled.


What and when:

The disabling of unused NEBULA2 accounts begins today. If your NEBULA2 account hasn’t been used in more than 37 days, it will be disabled.


What you need to do:

If your NEBULA2 account has not been used recently, this is a courtesy notice. If, for some reason, you still need your NEBULA2 user account, you can re-enable your account by going to the UW Groups Service at:,


Follow the steps below:

  1. In the “Add members” box type in your UW NetID
  2. Click on “Do it”


Your NEBULA2 account will be re-enabled within 1 hour and it will have the same password as it did previously.


More info:

For more information, please refer to


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UW-IT Service Center via