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20160411: Nebula2 user account disable activity

Unused Nebula2 user accounts will be automatically disabled when they meet a variety of conditions, including after 37 days of no logon activity.


What and When:

On April 11th, 2016, the Managed Workstation service will put into place a new automated practice where Nebula2 user accounts without logons for 37 days will be disabled. When a Nebula2 user account hasn’t been used for 30 days, an email notification will be sent to the associated user, notifying them of the impending action.


We also plan to initiate a disable of all Nebula2 user accounts on a per department basis. For each department, we will contact the department to let them know when we plan to take action.


What you need to do:

Users which receive a notification can logon to their Nebula2 user account if they don’t want it to be disabled. Users can ignore the notification if they have no further need of their Nebula2 user account.


For those whose account has been disabled, if there is a significant need to regain the Nebula2 user account, each user can re-enable their Nebula2 user account themselves (using their UW NetID). Users should make note of what their need is so that we can later assist the user with resolving that issue.


More info:

Nebula2 user accounts are in containment (we don’t create them any more without a compelling justification). The Managed Workstation service expects to retire all Nebula2 user accounts during fiscal year 2017, and this will help everyone by making it clear which Nebula2 user accounts are still in use. The Managed Workstation service design does not require a Nebula2 user account–a NETID user account is recommended.


Your department may have designed your own services so that they are dependent on a Nebula2 user account. If so, you should prioritize design changes to the NETID user account.


If you need assistance transitioning to a NETID user account, please refer to or send a request for assistance to


This activity does not relate to eligibility groups, nor will it result in loss of an Nebula home directory—it is only about whether a given Nebula2 user account is enabled or disabled. J