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20160315: What is included in the MWS rate?

A significant new customer document was published.

What and When:

On Tuesday, March 15th a document which helps clarify what is included in the Managed Workstation rate was published at .

What you need to do:

Nothing. This is purely an advisory to you that we’ve provided information which we believe many customers will be interested in.

More info:

A common source of confusion surrounding the Managed Workstation Service is understanding our business model. Customers sometimes are confused about when something is included in the Managed Workstation rate versus when that request for help is something for which we charge an hourly consulting rate. We’ve tackled this question directly in some new documentation which conceptually explains where the line is, and then dives into concrete examples to help you understand the difference.

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If you have concerns or questions about this update, please send email to with “What is included in the Managed Workstation Services rate” in the subject line.