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20160315: Managed Workstation service catalog update

A change to our service catalog entry occurred.

 What and When:

On Friday, March 11th an updated service catalog entry was published at


What you need to do:

Nothing. This is purely an advisory to you that we’ve updated the catalog entry that describes the service, so you aren’t caught off-guard.


 More info:

This update consisted of a couple minor updates:

-We updated the name used for the service to be more consistent: Managed Workstation Services

-We removed one of the optional service options at additional cost: group management

 This last item needs more explanation, and we’ll cover that in a separate email.

 There will be some additional changes to the service catalog entry in the near future to add links to customer documentation that didn’t exist a year ago when we last updated the service catalog entry, and also to add links to a couple new customer documents we’re writing now. A highly relevant document that will be linked in the near future is one which covers in much greater detail what services are included in the Managed Workstation Services rate and what is billable separately as consulting. We will send a separate note when that document is available, because we believe it’ll be of high interest to most if not all of our customers.

 If you have concerns or questions about this update, please send email to with “Managed Workstation Services service catalog update” in the subject line.