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20150824: Nebula IE version support changing in January 2016

Nebula will no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer.


What and When:

On January 12, 2016 Microsoft will drop support for older versions of Internet Explorer, leaving IE11 as the only supported version of Internet Explorer.


Following UW security guidelines, Nebula will also remove its support, because web browsers without vendor support no longer get patches for security vulnerabilities.


To implement Nebula’s change in support, Nebula will retire the mechanism it has provided to defer automatic IE version upgrades. The mechanism to defer allowed individual computers to avoid the automatic upgrade of IE version, but was available only upon request. Nebula will continue to provide the automatic update mechanism.


What you need to do:

Nebula computer has a version of IE older that version 11, then your computer will be affected, otherwise you are unaffected.


If you are affected, we encourage you to explore your alternatives. Options to pursue may include:

-try to use the latest IE version. If you’d like to remove your IE version upgrade exception before 1/11/2016, please let us know.

-try another browser. Most applications do support browsers other than IE.

-talk with the application vendor about their browser support plan given that Microsoft will no longer support older IE versions


If there’s anything else Nebula can do to assist, please feel free to contact us at We’d be happy to provide assistance on a consulting basis.


More info:

Microsoft’s announcement of this change came via the IEBlog over a year ago.


Nebula’s browser support is documented at