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20150408: Nebula2 domain controller work

Changes to the Nebula2 domain controllers are planned.


What and When:

There are a series of changes planned over the next several weeks.

On Friday, April 10th, a new Nebula2 domain controller, will be promoted.

At a time yet to be determined, another new Nebula2 domain controller, will be promoted.

After both of these new domain controllers are promoted, we’ll demote the 2 existing domain controllers, and, and take them out of service.


What you need to do:

No impact is expected, increased capacity should be available during the next couple weeks.


More info:

Based on past history, we have occasionally observed cases where the technology behind Nebula file service won’t realize when a domain controller has been demoted, which can cause problems with Nebula file services, so we’ll be watching for that and work to eliminate or minimize any such impact.


Because this work is expected to be low impact, we don’t plan to share updates or specifics on the other changes related to this series of changes.


If you have questions about this planned work, please send email to with “Nebula domain controller work” in the subject line.