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20150323: Nebula Managed Desktop service catalog update

A change to our service catalog entry occurred.


What and When:

On Saturday, March 21st an updated service catalog entry was published at


What you need to do:

Nothing. This is purely an advisory to you that we’ve updated the catalog entry that describes the service, so you aren’t caught off-guard.


More info:

This update isn’t intended to introduce any significant change to what the service provides, but rather was a refactor of our catalog description to more accurately represent what we are providing. As an example, one topic that came up recently on the nebula-discuss mailing list—OS support practices–is now clearly called out.


I plan to update the catalog entry when we make service design changes that impact what’s there. So for example, assuming we separate Nebula file services from the core package, we’d update the catalog to represent that change at the same time we adjust the FY2016 rate information tied to that change.


If you have concerns or questions about this update, please send email to with “Nebula service catalog update” in the subject line.