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20150319: Nebula phone practice change: 4/6/15

A change to our phone practices is planned.


What and When:

On Monday, April 6th Nebula will change its phone practices.


When you call the UW-IT Service Center (221-5000), the service center staff will do the same initial triage they’ve always done when you call for any UW-IT services. If they can’t easily resolve the issue, they’ll create a request record for Nebula in UW Connect and end the phone call, just as they do for every other UW-IT service. Nebula service staff will see your request and begin work. In some cases, they’ll call you back, in other cases, they’ll correspond using email from UW Connect.


The expectations you can have for our response will remain the same—we’ll respond in less than 4 hours during business hours, and we’ll continue to treat incidents urgently.


What you need to do:

Nothing. This is purely an advisory to you that we’re changing our practices so you aren’t caught off-guard.


If there is urgency associated with your request, you are encouraged to let the UW-IT Service Center staff know that when you phone. This will result in the request being marked as more urgent, with a different level of response from Nebula.


More info:

We believe this change will reduce the number of times you have to repeat information to Nebula staff that you previously gave the service center staff, as well as eliminate awkward pauses while we pull up any information that may or may not have been captured in a phone interaction prior to our staff being on the line. Put another way, this gives us a little extra time to be prepared to help you with your specific issue, instead of wasting some of your time while we come up to speed.


We believe it makes sense to have the UW-IT Service Center specialize in answering phone calls, giving us more time to focus on fulfilling your requests and improving the service. Improvements that the UW-IT Service Center makes will be realized by Nebula. By removing ourselves from that initial phone call activity, we believe there will be improved consistency across all UW-IT services.


If you have concerns or questions about this planned change, please send email to with “Nebula phone practice change” in the subject line.