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20150126: Nebula billing change

A small change is planned to how Nebula does billing.


What and When:

Beginning with the bill you receive in February, Nebula desktops will show up in the non-recurring portion of your bill.


What you need to do:

Nothing. J


Why we are making this change

We’ve made some changes to the way we internally report billing charges to both simplify the process and improve the accuracy. Moving where the Nebula desktop charges show up in your bill is an unfortunate side-effect that we anticipate we’ll be able to change back in the near future.


More info:

It’s possible that you’ll see a Nebula desktop (that has been a Nebula desktop) show up on your bill for the first time, because our previous process allowed a few to go uncharged. The good news is that those prior missed charges are our fault–you won’t be back billed for them.


If you have questions about this planned work, please send email to with “Nebula billing change” in the subject line.