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20150123: Planned work: Mac Nebula VPN server 1/26/2015

A small service outage is planned for the Nebula VPN server that provides service to Macs.


What and When:

On Monday, January 26th from noon to 12:30pm the Nebula VPN server for Macintoshes will be unavailable.


What you need to do:

For Macs, there is no VPN workaround for this period.


More info:

Our supplier, the UW-IT Data Center Services, needs to physically relocate our server to accommodate their plans. No complications are expected in relocating this server, but it is possible that the outage may last longer than expected. If it does, we’ll send out an additional notification.


As an aside, we are still considering our options for providing VPN service to Macs without relying on the Nebula2 user account and NTLMv1. When we have more news on that front, we’ll provide it.


If you have questions about this planned work, please send email to with “Nebula Mac VPN server” in the subject line.