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20140812: Nebula I: Drive Security Improvements


As part of our continuous service improvement process, we have been examining the folders where Nebula departments have made some of their files available to people outside of their department.

We will be taking steps next week to make this file sharing more secure. There should be no change in how you access your files and you need do nothing differently.

If this work does result in any unintended lack of access, please:

1) email

2) tell us which UW NetIDs need access

3) tell us what folders they need access to.

We also determined that snapshots were most often used within the first 30 days of creation, and that taking older files off-line would improve the security picture. As part of the above work, we will limit self-service snapshots at i:snapshots to the last 30 days. All files will continue to be backed up, and older files can be restored by emailing a request with the folder and file name and desired date.

If you have questions or concerns, please email to let me know. The work is scheduled to begin on July 22.

Thank you.