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20131118: Message Size in Outlook

You can request an exemption from the Nov 20 limit on messages over 25MB.

Folks with this exemption cannot migrate to the UW Exchange Online service (and its free 50GB of space).  Please contact Nebula if you regularly send or receive large attachments so we can help craft a solution that meets your needs.

Common questions about message size in Outlook:

How to view the size of your messages:

OWA:  The standard (Outlook Web Access) OWA view won’t show you — you must select the “light” version when you login. The message size is now shown in a right-hand column of the message list.

Outlook:  To add “size” as a column, use the View tab and click on “Add columns”.  If “size” is already in the right-hand window, you’ll need to expand your Outlook windows to display it.  Once you can see it, you can drag it further left in your view so it’s more easily seen.

How to create a customized search to display large messages

  1. From Outlook’s Mail view, scroll down to the find the “Search folders” option
  2. Right-click the “Search folders”, select “New search folder”
  3. Scroll to the end of the list, select “create a custom search folder” and select “Choose” under “Customize Search criteria”
  4. Name the search appropriately (e.g., “Messages over 24MB”)
  5. Select “Criteria”, then “More Choices” (tab)
  6. Under size use the pop-up list to replace “doesn’t matter” with “greater than” and enter an appropriate size (in KB), e.g., 24000

Your custom search is added to the “Search folders”, execute and re-execute at will.