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Requesting help

Managed Workstation responds to requests in less than four hours, within the period specified in our service catalog Availability section.

Our response can be escalated if there is a critical issue. Our goal is to minimize user downtime. If you experience an interruption in your ability to use your Managed workstation or Managed Workstation services, please let UW-IT service staff know you are experiencing an incident to get escalated response by sending and e-mail to or 1-5000 (206-221-5000 from off-campus)

If you request assistance that is best provided by another UW-IT service, we’ll offer to move your request to that service. If you’d like us to interface with other UW-IT services on your behalf, we can do that, but we will charge for our time.

What types of assistance require additional charges are clearly detailed, but you can expect that we’ll ask for a budget and let you know before we need to charge for more than 1 hour of our time.

Making requests

  • Send email to or call 1-5000 (206-221-5000 from off-campus)
  • Please tell us what assistance you need and provide details
  • Include details such as the computer name, user, error message, and any relevant circumstances to expedite our ability to help

Forms for common requests

Last reviewed September 17, 2018