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Adding a computer

Once you receive your computer with a Managed Workstation Image pre-installed, follow these instructions below to join the computer to the NETID domain.

  1. Log in:
    1. At the login screen, log into the Administrator account. If the operating system was setup by CDWG, the Administrator password is the serial number of the computer, which can be found on the bottom of the computer. If the serial number contains any letters, they will be in UPPER CASE.
    2. Make sure you are connected to a working Ethernet port, or connect to the University of Washington wireless network.
    3. Once you are logged a message will appear on the screen that the Windows license has expired. Click Activate on line and Activate now”.
    4. You will be asked to choose type of network (home, work, public). Click “Work”. A screen will appear indicating the network has been named; you can Accept and Close this window.
  2. Enable your new computer for Managed Workstation services. Note: This step pre-creates a computer account in the NETID domain so you can join it.
    1. Create a request using the Enable Computer for MWS services form and wait for confirmation. If you don’t wait for confirmation before joining your computer to the NETID domain, the computer will end up in an unusable state which will require assistance. If you’d like to request that specific UW NetIDs be added to the Local Admin Group, just include that info in the request follow-up.
  3. Join the computer to the NETID Domain:
    1. Windows 10 1703 and later:
      1. Press the Windows Key + X to bring up the selection menu.  Click “System”.
      2. Click: Connect to work or school and then click the Connect button
      3. Under Alternate actions: Click “Join this device to a local Active Directory domain”.
      4. Join a domain: Domain name:, then click “Next”.
      5. Enter (enter your own UW NetID in place of the words your UWNetID) and your netid password.
      6. To add an admin account, enter an account: user account\account type
    2. Restart the computer.
    3. Log in using your UW NetID credentials: netid\your UW NetID.
  4. Completing Managed Workstation computer configuration
    1. Allow a few hours or overnight for Managed Workstation settings to complete. Restarting the computer a couple of times to ensure settings are applied correctly is strongly encouraged. Alternatively, you can use this command to force the settings update and reboot:
        gpupdate /force /boot
    2. After this, you can use the myIT page to make these further changes:
      • the primary user
      • the technical contact
      • your note in the inventory field