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Known Problem: Windows Explorer window to mapped drive may unexpectedly close

This documentation details a known problem and workaround.

Known problem

Within Windows Explorer, when you have a folder open to some location on your Managed Workstation File services (i.e. some subdirectory of H: or I:), you may occasionally experience that this folder mysteriously closes.


If you manually map a drive to your Managed Workstation File service locations, you can avoid this behavior. Follow these instructions on how to map a drive to your Nebula files.


Managed Workstation automatically maps H: and I: drives on your Managed workstation. The mechanism used to do that is group policy. Because of the varied use cases for Managed workstations, the group policy setting must “replace” your drive mappings when it occasionally runs in the background. If all managed workstations had only a single-user, this setting could safely be altered, but that is unlikely to ever be the case. Group policy should only run in the background once in a given 8 hour period, so you should only experience this once in a typical work day.