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Recovering files

To be available for restore, a file must have been backed up previously.  We recommend you turn on the Microsoft Office AutoRecover feature in each application (Word, Excel, etc.) to maximize your chances of recovering a file lost the same day.

By policy, UW-IT retains deleted files no longer than 90 days.

Self-Service file restores

  • These files are read-only, and should be copied to your regular directory.
  • They are available at:
    • Your H: drive in I:\snapshots\(selected date)\users\(your UWNetID)
    • Your I: drive in I:\snapshots\(selected date)\groups\(your directory)

Backup schedule

  • DAILY snapshots are created daily at 7PM. Going backward from today we keep seven DAILY snapshots.
  • WEEKLY snapshots are created every Saturday at 7PM. Going backward from today we keep four WEEKLY snapshots.
  • A full copy of the previous day’s files may not be available until late morning.

Other restores

  • For restores of email, please contact or call 206-221-5000.