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How to map a drive to your Managed Workstation files

Open Windows Explorer and click “This PC” in the navigation pane on the left hand side, then click “Computer” tab at the top to open a new ribbon.

1 This PC and Open Explorer

A new ribbon will appear. Click “Map Network Drive” and a new window will open.

2a Map Network Drive

Click the drive letter from the drop down menu. You can only use letters that are not assigned to existing network drives.

3a Choose a drive letter

After clicking the drive letter, copy/paste:

I:drive (Shared Directory): \\\uw

H:drive (Home Directory): \\\uw\homedir

Check the box “Reconnect at sign-in”, then click “Finish” for each drive you need to have mounted.

4 Adding file path

The drives will now appear in your Windows Explorer screen.

If you are prompted for login credentials, you will enter: netid\your netid  in the user name field and your UW NetID password in the password field.